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3 Songs I love in Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology Mezzo-Soprano/Belter Vol. 2

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As a vocal coach I love my collection of books! Especially during WSMA Solo and Ensemble Season! One of the books I use often is the Singer’s Musical Theatre Anthology Mezzo-Soprano/Belter Vol. 2 for my students of love to belt out show tunes! Here are three pieces I love in this book and recommend to my students:

Hold On from The Secret Garden

Yes, the classic book The Secret Garden has been adapted for the Broadway Stage. When I was a sophomore in high school, I sang Hold On and loved it! One of the reasons I recommend it to students is because of the contrasting beginning to the rest of the song. The first page is soft and comforting and then this piece becomes a big motivational piece. Finally, the key change at the end of the song let’s a belter shine and show off their skills to create the sense of urgency and motivation through belting the Bb at the end!

Johnny One Note from A Babe in Arms

I find this one to be so fun! If I have a student who has a lot of energy and loves to connect to a character, I immediately think of Johnny One Note. This piece has such a storytelling element while belting out notes and building their breath control skills! A great rendition of this song is sung by Judy Garland who is a huge inspiration of mine as well causing it to be a great piece for an energetic belter! 

Adelaide’s Lament from Guys and Dolls

When I was in middle school, our theatre program put on Guys and Dolls. I played Sarah, but I loved the Adelaide’s Lament piece in the show! It gives students an opportunity to create a character well in a single piece. Adelaide has such a huge personality and with the amount of words you are singing, it is impressive to sing it correctly! In addition to that, Adelaide’s Lament has singers learning half steps and chromatic scales to sing which is a great skill. Don’t forget that it ends with a sneeze which makes a student stand out when they sing this song! 

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