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  • Catelyn Huckstep

3 Tours to Take in Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville has always been a city on my bucket list to visit. Devon and I on our honeymoon spent one full day in Louisville. We took three tours that are definitely worth your time and are very engaging! 

This tour is about 30 minutes and starts with a short video. They take you back into the factory where they are building each bat. Devon and I were there while they were making bats for opening day. In addition to that, they let you hold bats specially designed for baseball players. Being from Wisconsin, we were excited to hold baseball bats designed for Christian Yelich. When the tour is concluded, you are able to take home your own toy sized bat and have a chance to wander the museum. I definitely remember taking the tour first and then going through the museum, you learn a lot and can connect what you are seeing to the tour!

This tour is also around 30 minutes and also starts with a video. This 18 minute movie is a 360 screen. It captivates how the race day is for those who are competing. After the video, they take you out to the track. Our tour guide did a great job of teaching us many important rules and facts about the Kentucky Derby. Afterwards, Devon and I were able to walk around the museum and learn more about the different horses that have won the Kentucky Derby. I recommend checking out the spot of the museum where you can pretend to bet on different horses and see what your winnings could be. 

The Jim Beam Tour is around an hour and a half and is in Clermont, Kentucky. Our tour guide did a great job of teaching us the history of Jim Beam. This tour included tastings of four different kinds of whiskey/bourbon and you get to keep your tasting glass! Devon and I enjoyed this tour because they took us through all the steps of how they create their products. When we were on our tour the guide was funny and taught us a lot about the Jim Beam products. Finally, the close the tour off, you are given the option to purchase your own personalized bottle of whiskey. You are able to watch your bottle go through the packaging process and get your fingerprint on the seal. It is a great memento.

What are some of your favorite spots in Louisville, Kentucky? Let me know in the comments! Give me a follow on Instagram to stay up to date on all my adventures!


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