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3 Habits I Keep for Vocal Health

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

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As a vocalist, I am always paying attention to vocal health and what to do in order to stay healthy. Some of my habits are different from the average person because I try to be conscious of keeping my voice healthy. Below are three habits that I keep in order to make sure that I am prioritizing vocal health. Keep in mind, I am not a doctor, just sharing what I have learned from my experience as a singer and in vocal lessons!

Ditch the Coffee

When I was in high school, I was involved and loved being a part of drama club. I would have some late night rehearsals and that is when I started to discover caffeine. Thanks to those late night rehearsals, I was beginning to love coffee. Then, one day I learned at my vocal lessons that coffee dries your throat and it is not the healthiest for your voice. It was recommended that I drink tea if I wanted a caffeine kick. Now, I currently drink green or black tea in the morning instead of coffee. Listed below are a few of my favorite teas to drink!

Avoid Dairy

Who doesn’t love an ice cream cone? Don’t get me wrong, I love some mint chocolate chip ice cream, but not before I sing. I have learned that dairy coats your throat and does not help a singer. On performance days, I eat and drink as little dairy as possible to keep my voice ready for performance. When the curtain closes, then it is time to enjoy some ice cream or a grilled cheese sandwich.

Find time to rest

Currently I work as a substitute teacher and musician. I use my voice a lot and need to find time to rest it. Overuse is something to be very aware of when your main focus is voice. When it comes to stretches with weekend packed shows or days on end teaching. I schedule time to watch a movie or have time to myself to rest. It is vital to give that muscle time to rest and not constantly use it, which is a challenge for me!

Singers! Do you have random vocal habits? Share in the comments and connect on Instagram! See y’all at a show soon!


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