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  • Catelyn Huckstep

3 Ways to Stay Energetic During Long Nights of Teaching

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As a private music teacher sometimes your nights are STACKED! I could be teaching back to back to back for a good chunk of time with no break! Many people wonder how us private music teachers do it and the first answer is we love it! But there are a few other things I am doing to keep my energy for all my students on those packed busy nights full of music lessons!


On busy teaching nights, I am drinking a lot of water! I remember to pack a large water bottle to sip on to stay hydrated throughout the night. The nights without a water bottle get tough and I start to lose energy just based on the fact I am thirsty! In addition to that, I am talking and singing most of the night so I need to stay hydrated! 


During the day, I am focusing on resting and doing computer work. I do not push myself all day and then teach all night. It is so important to have downtime no matter what you do so I account for those busy nights and take a breather here and there. I remember the days when I would work all day and teach all night and by the time I got to my last lesson, I would be exhausted. 

Building Relationships

This one may seem obvious, but a way I keep my energy throughout teaching all night is taking 5 minutes to chat with my students at the beginning of lesson. It gives my mind time to rest before diving into my lesson plans, but I also get to know my student more! One of my favorite things about being a private voice and guitar teacher is how strong the student-teacher relationship is because it is one-on-one teaching. You have a moment to ask them about your day!

Music teachers! How do you stay energetic during lessons? The passion for us is always there and I love my job, but we are all human and lose energy! I hope you find these tips helpful not just for teaching, but for your own position in life! 

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