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Mini Tour Recap: Stop #1 Cedar Rapids, IA

Over spring break, I booked some out of state shows! I spent a weekend traveling from Wisconsin to Iowa and experienced many cool sights along the way. I will be writing a three part blog regarding my mini tour starting with a pit stop I took in Cedar Rapids, IA.

It had been four hours into the road trip and there was a need to take a break from driving. The plan was to stop in Cedar Rapids because of the Czech Village. The town was adorable, full of antique shops, coffee shops and little local businesses. The Czech Village was the perfect place to stop on a break to walk around and enjoy the small town for an hour before getting back on the road. Below are a few highlights from the pit stop in Cedar Rapids.

Throughout the small village, there was a variety of antique shops! All of them had different layouts and treasures buried throughout their shops. To name a few that would be a great stop were: Czech Village Antiques and The Czech Village Vintage Market and Supply Co.

While we only did a small stop in the Czech Village, there was time to try out some food at the Sykora Bakery. We grabbed a quick snack, mushroom tarts. Another sweet stop was the Sweet Mercantile which is a vintage candy shop and soda fountain. I even picked up some Root Beer as a souvenir.

There are a variety of places to shop! One of my favorites to highlight is Obscured Boutique which is a boutique dedicated to rock music. The shop features a local rock band every month to sell their merch at a stand and the owner is a supporter of local music! In addition to that, there are some sweet gifts like candles with scents to classic rock songs, leather jackets and more!

Finally, the artwork is a must to talk about! Throughout the village, it is full of amazing architecture, murals details that make the village truly original. It was a great photo spot and such a joy to experience. The Gazebo made me feel like I was in a real life Stars Hollow, just a little shout out to my Gilmore Girls fans out there!

Have you traveled to The Czech Village in Cedar Rapids? Share your experience with me on my Instagram Post! Let’s connect!


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