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Monthly Highlights: May 2023

The month of May officially starts my summer schedule! I had a mini tour to kick it off, lots of wedding planning, I finished my second semester of graduate school and many other extra adventures! Let’s just say the month flew by so fast! Let’s go through some highlights of May 2023! This month was full of great gigs, adventures and accomplishments.


  • I took another mini tour to Des Moines, IA performing at Paws and Pints as well as a full 2 hour original set at The Cozy Cafe

May Blog Posts

Extra Adventures

  • Seeing my voice students perform in their school talent show

  • Watching my younger brother run at Sectionals for track

  • I have started adding my ideas to my Pinterest, give me a follow here

  • Monthly Date Night: Every month, Devon and I schedule a date night that is not work related. This month was all planned by Devon. He chose dinner and a movie! We ate at The Hot House Tavern in Menomonee Falls, WI and then saw The Mario Movie!

Want to follow the adventures and accomplishments in real time? Give me a follow on Instagram! Let’s connect!


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