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The First One: What to Expect

Hey y’all! So here’s the deal, I miss writing! When I was in college I was the Arts and Entertainment Section Editor for the The SWORD Student Newspaper. It was one of my favorite things to do because I love to write. That probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you since I am a songwriter so here I am back to writing! I am not sure what will come of this and that’s okay! These pieces of writing are for me to branch out my writing skills, a new way for you to connect with me and a way for me to share my stories in a different way! Wondering what to expect? Here’s a list of a few ideas of what’s to come:

Musician Stories

Over the years, I have met so many amazing people, created so many memories and visited some cool spots. Here is a space for me to share that side of my life! When I am at shows, there are so many things I want to share with you that never make the Instagram post. So… if you are looking for more Catelyn Picco stories, you have found it!

Tips, Tricks, Advice

Throughout my time as a musician, I have had some many talented people ask me for advice. The list starts with what is my sound gear to how do I maintain my social media schedule all the way to how do I maintain such a busy lifestyle! Here is a new outlet to share those aspects of my life. I want you to be the best person you can be and if what I write can inspire you, then I am here for you!

The Busy and Thrifty Musician/Student (almost teacher) Lifestyle

Let’s be honest, currently I am in graduate school to become a teacher and a musician! Did I forget to mention I am planning a wedding right now too? I definitely live a busy and thrifty lifestyle and I love it! Throughout this writing adventure, I hope to share how to do what you love and not break the bank. I believe it is so important to be honest and sometimes, it’s nice to know you are not alone. The creative lifestyle takes a lot of work! Let’s hype each other up! I am excited to write about my lifestyle and hopefully you can learn something from it!

Well, congrats! You have read through my first blog post! Stay up to date on all things Catelyn Picco by giving me a follow on socials!


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