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Websites I Use as a Musician and Business Owner

While working as a musician there are a lot of resources I use in order to make my business run successfully. A musician wears many hats. Some examples are: musician, entertainer, social media manager, content creator, entrepreneur and so much more! Here are a few resources that I find helpful to fill those hats!


When it comes to making social media graphics, I love Canva! It is the perfect resource create show announcements and other graphics. I have been using Canva for years and loved everything about how it is a simple drag and drop system. In addition to that, I was using the free version for a while, but then Devon gave me Canva Pro for Christmas one year and now I will never go back! It has many features to keep your brand looking sharp! Here is an example of a show announcement I've made in Canva!

For those looking for a great color scheme for your brand, is the perfect spot for you! It is an easy way to place different groups of colors together in order to have the perfect color scheme for your brand! It is exactly how I found my shades of purples and grays for my website and merch. To add to that, Coolors gives you the hex code so you can plug it into different sites when creating merch or your website so everything looks consistent!

Adobe Lightroom

Photographer is another hat us musicians wear and some of us have never had experience editing photos. My recommendation is to get the Adobe Lightroom app on your phone. You can take great photos and have plenty of edit options. My favorite feature is the colors feature so I can create a pop of color in my photos! Here is an example of a photo I have edited in Lightroom!

Google Drive

Okay, this one pretty basic, but I honestly use Google Drive a lot as a musician. I use Google Sheets to keep track of income and expenses. I use Google Docs to type up songs or blog posts. I can keep everything in a folder of anything that is singer/songwriter related. There are many ways to keep yourself an organized business owner using Google Drive and all you need is a Gmail account!

I hope that today you learned something new and found a resource that will be beneficial to you as a musician or business owner! Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments and let’s connect on Instagram!


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