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4 Songs I love in The First Book of Mezzo-Soprano/Alto Solos

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When WSMA Solo and Ensemble season starts, I am ready to look through my library for classical solos for my voice students! I have many books that I go through to find the right pieces for the right students. Read here about 4 songs I enjoy teaching my students from The First Book of Mezzo-Soprano/Alto Solos.

American Lullaby 

American Lullaby is a sweet song that is perfect for a mezzo-soprano. It illustrates a feeling of hush and comfort as it is being sung. This song really can show off a mezzo soprano range with large interval jumps to create a somber feeling to the song. I personally think this song is great for a young singer getting ready to sing classical music.  


When I was in high school, I sang this piece for an Art Song Festival and loved it! Cloud-Shadows gives off a dreamy feeling as you sing about wishing to ride on the shadows of clouds. I recommend this piece for a mezzo-soprano as well, based on the fact that it sits in a higher register and needs the technique of using head voice over chest voice. Students who really have a nice light tone would work well on this piece. 

Silent Noon

The storytelling of Silent Noon is crucial and truly makes the song shine! Silent Noon is in four sections and shares a loving story! Each section illustrates a different emotion and dynamic that makes it extremely valuable to learn. When I choose this piece for a student, they usually have a theatre or acting interest because of how many dynamical changes happen throughout the entire piece. 

Wie Melodien

If a student is interested in learning a German piece, this one is a great start! Many students enjoy this piece because of its repetition. Usually the challenge of learning German is a skill and will give this piece to a hardworking student who wants to learn a song in a different language. 

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