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  • Catelyn Huckstep

What to Expect at Recital

It is the time of year where it is recital time! A student can feel both excited and nervous at the same time to show off their skills. No matter if it is your first recital or 100th recital, a student is always learning and improving from this experience. Here are a few tips on what to expect from a recital performance:

  1. Unless it is stated otherwise, students should dress comfortable formal for performance. Students are performing in front of a large group and should look professional, but wear something that is easy to move around in while performing whether it be singing or with an instrument. My suggestion is to wear flats for shoes (not high heels), skirts/dresses that are around the knee length or longer or even black pants. Students should feel comfortable while performing and not have to worry about their outfit!

  2. Even if you are memorized, bring your music! Sometimes nerves happen and you want a moment to quickly look at your music or just need it for performance! A student may not need it at all, but it is so valuable to have it with you in case you do need it!

  3. Take advantage of warm up time. Students are usually given about one minute to perform a section of their song before the recital begins. This allows musicians to get used to the acoustics of the space and gauge their dynamics as every room is different.

  4. If you make a mistake, keep going! Everyone makes mistakes, that is completely normal! As your teacher, I am proud of you for performing in front of a group of people. If a mistake happens, it is important to keep going and not try to stop, start over or correct it. In all reality, no one will notice your mistake if you keep going in confidence! 

  5. Keep your emotions to yourself. This is going off of the last tip! It is okay to be frustrated with a performance or upset about a mistake you made, but save it for the car. While you are in the performance space, hold your head up high and handle your situation with grace. As your teacher, I will not be disappointed if you make a mistake, but I will be disappointed if you do not handle your situation calmly, respectfully and wait for the proper time alone/with your family to let your emotions out!

  6. Be grateful. At the end of the recital, you have just made a great accomplishment! When someone approaches you to say good job! Your response should always be “Thank you” with a smile. That person took the time to acknowledge your wonderful performance! Please make sure to share your gratitude with that person!

  7. Have fun! Performing is such a fun experience and a huge accomplishment! Make sure to really enjoy the moment and be proud of all your hard work! Remember that when the recital is over, there are usually a bunch of treats for you to enjoy and celebrate your milestone of completing your recital performance!

Recital season is always a very exciting time of year and I hope that students really enjoy the process of practicing and performing! It is truly a joy to see all of my students having an opportunity to show off their skills for others! 

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