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  • Catelyn Huckstep

You have a Beginner Guitarist, What Now?

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You have a child interested in learning guitar! That’s amazing! Now you are wondering what does your rockstar need in order to be successful at lessons? Here I am going to share with you a great starter pack and tools for your beginner guitarist! 

Finding a simple guitar to see if your student is truly interested in guitar is tough. You don’t want to break the bank, but you don’t want just a toy for them to practice on! I found this Acoustic Guitar Beginner Kit that works great for young starter guitarists. It is the perfect size for an elementary school student and it comes with guitar picks, a strap, the case and extra strings. In addition to that, there are some different color choices so your student can pick a guitar in their favorite color!

Another item your guitarist will need is a tuner! The beginner pack does not come with the tuner so I recommend the Snark Tuner. In my first lesson with a guitar student, we learn how to tune a guitar because it should be the first thing you do before you play! The Snark Tuner works great and is easy to read to have students ready to learn how to tune their guitar.

Finally, in lesson, I teach students how to read sheet music as well as songs of their interest. I believe it is important to do half and half with theory and supplemental music. Students go through the Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1 in order to learn new skills and work on their craft of music! 

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