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  • Catelyn Huckstep

3 Reasons to Start Music Lessons Now

It’s March and the summer camp booklets are being mailed. You are rushing to get your spot for the best summer camps for your kids in town. Have you considered having your student start music lessons in the summer? Here are three reasons you should start taking lessons now from a private acoustic guitar and vocal teacher. 

Private Music Teachers are Already Planning Their Summer

Point is once spring break ends, private music teachers are in the works talking to their current families about a summer time slot as as lessons that could be missed due to vacations and other commitments. If you want to get a head start, it would be wise to call now and get something on the books regarding lessons for the summer so you know you have a guaranteed time slot once the school year ends.

It is Consistent Learning

Summer camps are fun and students do learn a lot! I remember my fair share of drama camps in the summer that I loved being a part of, but having your student work with a teacher every week builds their knowledge about their instrument! Your student will build a relationship with their teacher and have a consistent schedule to grow and learn over the summer when school is out of session. Then, when the school year starts back up, you can keep music in your regular schedule!

Performance Opportunities 

In my studio, summer is a busy time! Being a local musician as well, I have a lot of performance opportunities for students! Throughout the summer, I invite students to perform at my shows such as farmers’ markets, festivals, coffee shops and more! If you get your student started with lessons now, we can have conversations and time to build a confidence performance for your musician! Plus, it is such a fun opportunity to sing or play a song you love in front of a real live audience! What a moment!

What are you waiting for? Send me a message now so we can get your guitar or vocal lessons set up now! Details here!

If you are interested in seeing me perform live, check out my show schedule!


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