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  • Catelyn Huckstep

3 Songs I Love from Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology Soprano Vol.1

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When it comes to being a voice teacher, I have so many books because every student has a different interest or goal with their instrument. Many times, musical theatre is a big part of the learning process. It could be a school situation, contest, or even community theatre. In the Singer’s Musical Theatre Anthology Soprano Vol. 1, there are so many great song options. Here are three of my go to songs and why from the book:

Green Finch and Linnet Bird from Sweeny Todd 

First, this one creates a feeling of nostalgia because I performed this piece my senior year of high school for WSMA Solo and Ensemble. It is a song I am very familiar with and have received my own feedback from which is a great tool to have as a voice coach. In addition to that, it is a challenging piece, mainly minor and creates an eerie sound. A student who can sing this song confidently can really impress their listeners. When a student chooses to sing this piece, it is a great challenge that makes them stand out. 

If I Loved You from Carousel 

I believe this song is timeless. When performing this piece it is a song that really shows off a soprano's range and their acting skills. Students who choose this, tend to like more of a ballad which illustrates a great skill, singing slowly. As a musician and teacher, it is noticeable that for most it is easier to perform faster than slower hence why this is a great option for sopranos to learn. 

Much More from The Fantasticks 

Looking for an energetic piece? Much More is perfect! A student who chooses to perform this piece must own the part and be full of energy when performing. This one is definitely out of the box when it comes to contests as I have not seen it performed often. When a student performs this one, we are most likely working on acting skills to bring a big character to life and it is a really fun experience to build those particular skills. 

What are some of your favorite songs from Singer’s Musical Theatre Anthology Soprano Vol. 1? Let me know in the comments! 

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