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  • Catelyn Huckstep

4 Songs I love in The First Book of Soprano Solos

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As I introduce students to the world of classical music, I have lots of books I love to use to get them excited about this genre of music! Read here about 4 songs I enjoy singing as well as teaching my students in The First Book of Soprano Solos!

Bel Piacere

If I have a student interested in singing in a foreign language, Italian is always fun! Bel Piacere is a great piece to illustrate contrasting emotions. This piece is in ABA format with the A section illustrating passion and happiness while the B section illustrates worry and sadness. It is a perfect piece of a soprano 1 to shine when singing at a recital, WSMA Solo and Ensemble or any other competition. 

The Crucifixion 

The Crucifixion is a slow and short song, but that does not make it easy. I believe that it is a skill to sing a song slowly and this ballad really illustrates that sense of grief. The Crucifixion is sharing the story of Jesus passing from his mother Mary’s perspective causing students to focus on story and expression while working on this particular piece. 


The Green Dog

A student with energy and humor will love The Green Dog! It has a bouncy energy and a ridiculous story that makes this song extremely fun to sing! When students are assigned this piece, they must have the fun expression and commitment to it to sell the song! It is a great one to illustrate storytelling from a humorous perspective! 

The K’e

If I have a student looking for a challenge, The K’e will cover that! This song is minor and eerie causing a student to work on their sight reading and ear training skills. When working on this piece with a student, I will even have warmups be focused on a minor key in order to prep students for this piece based on how many chromatic scales are involved. 

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