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  • Catelyn Huckstep

Group Lessons: What to Expect

Weekly music lessons are something a student looks forward to! It gives them time to work on their craft. I have noticed there is a bigger excitement about group lessons because you get to work with others and grow as a musician. It is a time for students to meet new people who have a similar interest as them. Although this may just seem like a fun lesson, there is a different expectation about group lessons than regular weekly lessons. Read about a few of my expectations here: 

Be Prepared

When it comes to group lessons, there is a bigger task at hand. I expect students to come in knowing their part well or even memorized. Group lessons are not a time for students to learn their part, but to use what they know in order to collaborate with other musicians. I work hard to let students know well in advance about what pieces they will need in order to be prepared for group lessons. This kind of expectation causes students to really grow and work on their craft with others and learn about music in a completely different way!

Have an open mind

Group lessons cause teamwork skills to be built. I encourage students to share ideas to add extra elements to their songs. Students should be respectful and considerate of other musicians' ideas as they would want the same for their own. I find that group lessons work well for students to learn how to work with others in a creative setting. When it comes to new ideas, it is important to try them out because you never know what will work or what will fail, regardless, it is valuable to try different things to grow as musicians. 

Have Fun

I love teaching in a group setting with my students because they get to meet new musicians! These lessons are meant to be fun and create bonds with other musicians. I believe that when you are making music with others, it is so valuable and honestly fun! Group lessons are something I really look forward to because we are creating something big and when students work hard to work together it is extremely rewarding for everyone!

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