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  • Catelyn Huckstep

Ways to Support your Students Outside of Lesson

As a private music teacher, students see me for usually 30 minutes a week. In that time we are working on their own music goals. I believe it is important to be the teacher who shows up and is not just seeing them at lesson. Here is a list of events that I attend to support my music students.

  1. School Concerts

  2. Community Theatre Performances 

  3. School Musicals

  4. Music Contests (WSMA and Federation)

  5. School Plays

  6. Inviting them to sing at my own performances

  7. Inviting students to be a part of my recordings of original music

In addition to that, I make a point to ask them about their own exciting moments in lesson so that they have the opportunity to share about it! Then, I put these events in my newsletter so families know that they can share the cool things their students are doing with me. 

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