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2 Things I Wish I Had Known When Starting My Master’s Degree Program

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When I was near the end of my college career, ready to earn my Bachelors in Communication, I had a feeling that my educational career was not over. I took the year to research different Master’s Degree Programs and I am here to share with you 2 tips that will be beneficial to any student interested in graduate school.

Make Time For It

Being in graduate school is completely different than earning a Bachelor’s Degree. Everyone is at different stages in their lives. Some of your classmates are getting married, some are having kids, some work full time and some are just fresh out of their undergrad. Regardless, scheduling your own time to do the work is vital to have a successful experience. I schedule out time for homework and commit to that time. It is definitely a very difficult task when there are so many things to do, but the end result will be worth it. One way I make time for all the assignments is putting on my calendar when I will do my homework. That way that time is chunked out for working on assignments.

In addition to that, I keep things organized by writing a list of all the assignments that are due with their due date in my bullet journal. I will write down the name of the class and then list all the assignments so that I can keep track of everything that needs to get done as well as when it needs to get done. It also feels so satisfying when I get to check the box after turning in an assignment!

Don’t get overwhelmed at the beginning

I know, it is hard to think that especially when I did feel overwhelmed at the beginning. There is a constant wondering about how you will achieve everything, but it will happen. I will never forget the beginning of my second semester and the loads of homework from each class. I thought I would never get it all done. My advice, take the assignments piece by piece. In graduate school, there are always semester long projects and to be completely honest, you cannot finish them the night before. Take it piece by piece and I promise you that everything will be okay. Yes, there are moments when you would rather be going out on a Friday night and not sitting at your laptop typing away an essay, but there will be more Friday nights. Get your Master’s Degree! You deserve it!

Graduate Students! What is something you wished you knew when starting your program? Share in the comments! Let’s connect on Instagram!

I'm still working through my degree so enjoy these college graduation throwback photos from UWM at Waukesha and Wisconsin Lutheran College!


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