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3 Free Ways to Support Local Music

Hey y’all! I know that we all want to support local whether it is musicians or businesses and I want to make it easy for you! So, here is a list of three free and easy ways to support local music! You don’t even have to pull out your wallet, but maybe your cell phone!


Got a cell phone? Got social media? When you notice a new band or artist that you like? Give them a follow, like their posts and even share them onto your page! Adding that extra engagement helps other people see our pages and it gives us a little confidence boost to know what our audience likes to see from us and what content we do not need to continue sharing. If you would like to give me a follow, here is the list of social media I am on:


Got a Spotify or Apple Music account? Add our songs to your playlists and give them a stream! All you have to do is listen to our stories and share them with others! Looking for music recommendations, this is the perfect way to add something new and fresh to your playlists! We as artists will always appreciate that others took the time to listen to our music. It really means a lot to us! Feel free to listen to my music on Spotify or Apple Music! I would be so grateful if you gave it a listen!


Like what you hear at a performance? Take a video, tag us and post it! You know someone who is looking for live music at their party or business? Give a recommendation! The best way to help us local musicians is to refer and share whether that is in person or on social media! The more eyes and ears we hit, the better and it only takes two seconds to do it! When I am booking shows and see that someone contacted me due to a recommendation, I always get excited! I know that someone trusts that I will give it my all and are willing to share their experience from my show with other people!

Let’s support local music and connect on Instagram!


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