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3 Wisconsin Farmers' Markets I Recommend Attending This Summer

Farmers’ Market season is upon us! As a musician, I perform at a lot of different outdoor festivals and events. One of these being farmers’ markets! Below are three farmers’ markets I love to perform at and attend during the summertime! 

This farmers’ market has so much variety when it comes to vendors! When performing there, I have seen wood stone pizza, smoothies, jewelry, bouquets of flowers and lots of fresh produce! That is just a small portion of what is available at the Waukesha Farmers’ Market! The layout is great because they have two rows going around the parking lot so you can see everything from both sides! Personally, for me, this farmers’ market feels like home because of all the familiar faces and my experience performing there is probably around 9 years! 

In my opinion the Greenfield Farmers’ Market is like a hidden gem. It is a huge square full of different vendors! Some include: salsa, honey, coffee and fresh produce! Then inside of the square are tables and seats for you to enjoy a treat you purchased and live music! When performing at the Greenfield Farmers’ Market, I always feel welcomed and enjoy being back every time. This farmers’ market is definitely a good one!

The West Bend Farmers’ Market is huge! The market is throughout downtown. There are three different locations for live music. I have noticed lots of coffee and fresh produce options when performing at the West Bend Farmers’ Market. Regardless, the people are so welcoming and everyone is really enjoying their shopping at this farmers’ market. 

What are some of your favorite farmers’ markets in Wisconsin? Let me know in the comments! 

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