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3 Road Trip Essentials

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Looking to go on a vacation sometime soon? Considering a road trip? Devon and I just did our honeymoon which was a road trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with a few fun stops along the way! Here are three essentials that Devon and I loved having on the trip!

Great Snacks

I went to Costco before this road trip so we had plenty of snacks and then we could use leftover snacks for lunches at work and such! Some of the best snacks we had were: Pub Mix, Veggie Straws and we cooked some frozen pizzas to put in a cooler. In addition to that we had packaged cookies for something sweet!

A Great Playlist

Being musicians and being on the road for hours means we need a good playlist! Devon and I have been building a Spotify playlist of all our favorite songs since we started dating. That playlist is hours long, but it is a great way for everyone to have a turn with their favorite songs when you hit shuffle!


When I am in the car I tend to get cold so I bring a blanket to stay cozy in the car. This is one of my favorite blankets from amazon! It keeps me warm especially when you are the passenger in an air conditioned car! 

What are some essentials you need for your road trip? Follow me on Instagram for more musician road trip adventures! 


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