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3 Things to do if your gig rains out

One of the many tough struggles of the musician lifestyle is working with the weather. If your show only has an outdoor option and it starts to rain, it becomes a tricky situation. It is important to be professional and have options on how to handle rained out gigs. Here are three tips I find helpful for when a gig cancels because of the rain.

Communicate Immediately

If you know the weather is going to be rainy. Immediately email or call the event manager. It is important to be on top of it when the weather is acting up instead of wondering an hour before what to do. Event managers will appreciate your professionalism of wanting to work together and figuring our a solution that works for both you and them.

Try to Reschedule

Instead of just canceling your show, ask to reschedule. It is important to build connections. If you look for an alternative date you are still having the opportunity to perform! I find it valuable to offer the option so it does not feel like you are just bolting from the gig because of the weather. It is vital to build relationships as a musician.

Have a rain policy in your contract

If you are to the point where you are under a booking agent or have enough shows to create a contract, add a cancelation policy. I recommend adding a timestamp to the price. One example is if you cancel within 24 hours of the gig, the event manager still pays the full performance fee. If you cancel within one month, the event manager still pays half of the fee. If you have built the credibility, have the contract and be upfront about your fees. Most venues and event managers find that to be professional.

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