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3 Tips That Will Book You More Gigs

This post goes out to all of my musicians out there. Are you looking for a way to book more gigs? I have three tips that will definitely help you build your show schedule when communicating with venues and event planners. Read the list below!

Have a updated website

It is crucial to have a website in general! But it also needs to be up to date and looks relevant to the person you are now. If a venue is looking at your website and the show schedule is not updated, the about me section is not filled out or the photos look like they were taken 10 years ago, that will not be a good sign that you are a strong up and coming artist to book. Make sure your website is always updated ready for a potential customer to look at it otherwise you might miss out!

Don’t be afraid to hear no or nothing at all

When I am looking to play new places, I send hundreds of emails to hundreds of venues. Most of the time I will get a response telling me no or honestly no response at all. Then, the search is worth it when a few venues start reaching out. I always believe you should take that shot and you never will if you overthink where you are performing. Send the email, make the phone call. The worst that could happen is they tell you no and you move on or they could tell you yes and you have a show in the works!

Have a strong social media presence

Personality is important when you are out performing in public so I believe having a strong social media presence is valuable when reaching out to venues. I try to post everyday whether that be creating a Facebook Event, creating an Instagram Story or just a regular post. Again, you don’t want to look irrelevant and being active on social media definitely illustrates that you are out there now!

Overall, these are three tips I live by when I am looking to book more shows and I hope that they help out all the aspiring musicians out there! I hope to see y’all at a show sometime soon and feel free to share when your next show is in the comments!


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