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3 Tips That Will Help You Maintain The Busy Lifestyle

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

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Hey y’all! I don’t know about you, but it feels like these past few weeks have been packed full and busy! It seems like forever since I’ve had a break. Want to know a few of my tips to keep myself organized during really busy times? Check out three great ways to maintain the busy lifestyle!

Keep a Detailed Calendar

Google Calendar is my best friend during these times. Why? Because I keep everything detailed with where I need to be and when. I can even color code different activities. In addition to that, I love to schedule everything. When I need homework time, I put it on the calendar. When I’m trying to find time to work out, it’s on the calendar. Putting everything that needs to get done in one spot helps me when I feel like I am constantly on the go.

Write a To-Do List

When it comes to needing to get things done, I am a visual person. I feel like when everything is in my head, my brain is all over the place and nothing gets done. When that feeling approaches, I take 5 minutes and write a to-do list. You can write it on a notepad, a post-it note, whatever works for you. I keep a bullet journal and write with some of my favorite pens with all my lists that need to get done and it feels great to physically check things off the list!

Think of Something You are Looking Forward To

Last month in one of my classes for my Master's Degree, my professor gave us two post-it notes. She said write a worry on one post-it and something you are looking forward to on the other. Then, we took the worry and threw it away. Once we were finished tossing our worry, she told us to place the post-it of what we were looking forward to in a visible spot as a reminder. I keep a post-it note on my laptop so when I am working, I remember that something exciting is coming! When that moment passes, make a new one!

Maintaining the busy lifestyle can be extremely overwhelming sometimes and I hope that these three tips will keep you motivated! What is keeping you busy lately? Share with me in the comments or on Instagram! Let’s connect!


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