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  • Catelyn Huckstep

A Weekend in Davenport, Iowa

As a musician, I love to travel for shows. This past weekend, I played a show in Davenport Iowa. Devon and I were only there from Friday night to Saturday morning, but I definitely am excited to share some of the highlights.

Hotel – DoubleTree by Hilton

When it came to choosing the hotel to stay at, I wanted to be at a hotel that was close to the venue I was performing at and get a great night's sleep. I stayed at the DoubleTree by Hilton which had a great layout and a wonderful view of the Mississippi River. The rooms were clean and it was a great place to spend the night after a 3 hour show. Devon and I did purchase the breakfast buffet in the morning and we got the free cookies at check in of course! 

Dinner – Armored Gardens 

My show in Davenport started at 10pm so I had to get some dinner first. We got dinner at Armored Gardens. It had an impossible burger for me and Devon had the Cajun Flagstaff. He was intrigued by the huge tap list! They have over 100 beers on tap! It was a great quick meal for us to enjoy before performing. Due to the fact it was cold outside, we couldn’t see the outside patio but it looks like something that could be a great space to visit in the summertime! 

Show – Kilkenny’s Pub 

My gig was at Kilkenny’s Pub in Downtown Davenport. It was such a great environment! There were dartboards, a jukebox and a stage for the live musician. I heard from some of the regulars that the happy hour is great. When it was time to perform the crowd was engaging, fun and ready to have a good time! Kilkenny’s had such a great crowd full of a wide variety of people of all different ages illustrating such a welcoming environment. 

Saturday – Whitey’s Ice Cream

Being in Davenport, I could not miss a stop at Whitey’s Ice Cream! It was the beginning of March, it was shamrock shake season so I got the monthly special The Mint Brownie Shake! Whitey’s is known for their thick shakes and it is completely true! They did not even give me a straw to eat the shake, only a spoon! If you are ever passing through Davenport, I highly recommend getting something from Whitey’s Ice Cream! 

Any places in Davenport I should check out next time I’m in town? Let me know in the comments! Follow all my adventures as a musician on Instagram! Let’s connect!


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