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Acoustic Guitar Gadgets You Need

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Playing guitar is definitely a fun skill and something I have committed to for a long time. While performing some of my favorite songs and now teaching guitar lessons, I have noticed there are several tools that have improved my guitarist lifestyle. Read them below


The snark tuner is one of the first gadgets I love! Unless your guitar has a built in tuner, I recommend the snark. It is simple to use, you clip it to the end of your guitar and tune up. It does need a battery, but the one I have linked here comes with a battery so once you have it, you can start tuning your guitar to be performance ready. Fun fact: as a guitar teacher, I recommend tuning your guitar every time before you perform.


If you are thinking about singing and playing out, I recommend a capo. For those who are curious about the purpose of this small device here is a brief explanation. A capo is big clip that you would put on the fretboard to make your strings sound higher than playing the guitar just on its own. The capo comes in handy for songs that have tougher chords like power chords or bar chords. It basically changed the key of the guitar to make things simple for you to play. Here are two capos I have used and loved, the shape and color (of course) is a personal preference so pick out what you like and want to use while performing!

Guitar Strap

As a singer/songwriter, I personally do not recommend sitting and singing. I believe that when you are standing, you have your fullest potential for breath support when singing alone while standing, adding a guitar creates more of a barrier for taking a great breath so I highly suggest standing and singing. Guitar straps are a great way to show off your personality as a musician. I have a very country vibe, but here are a few guitar straps I recommend!

Guitar Picks

When playing guitar, I believe that having a full sound is important. When using guitar picks, that helps increase the sound of your guitar. I am a very thrifty person so one thing I like to do is take old gift cards and use the pick puncher to create my own guitar picks. I also have a package of guitar picks linked here if you would like to just purchase some of your own as well. There are many options to show off your personality with the kinds of picks you use.

Extra Strings

Ever been performing live and a string breaks? I have and it really creates a feeling of pressure to do a quick fix. I suggest always keeping a pack of strings in your guitar case so when this moment strikes, you are 100% prepared. I think it is important to have backups of everything because it will make you as a musician look professional and prepared. The strings I use are linked here for you to check out!

9 Volt Battery

Just like I was mentioning with guitar strings. If you own an acoustic electric guitar, you will need backup 9 volt batteries. The moment you are setting up your sound system and there is no sound coming out because your battery died, you want that to be a smooth and easy fix. Not having an extra battery will make everything so much more difficult. I use the Duracell 9 volt batteries and find that those last quite some time. I usually buy a pack and keep it in my backpack of cables or in my guitar case.

Guitarists! What other gadgets do you use to make your performance experience worthwhile? Share in the comments!

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