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Art in the Barn, Jackson WI Show Recap

Local artists, local music and a cool space? If you think all these three ideas together are a good time, then you will enjoy Art in the Barn! As a local musician in the Wisconsin area, this is my second time performing at Art in the Barn and here are a few of my highlights from my performance and the event!


The outdoor space as well as the inside of the barn is a great welcoming space for anyone interested in local art. There is a variety of things to do and great spots for photos! You are completely captivated by the event when you walk the trail to enter Art in the Barn.


From live music to food to bracelets to baskets, there are many different aspects of are being showcased. It is a family friendly event that encourages everyone to pursue their creative side. One of my favorites was the Sippie Hippie Coffee stand. Devon and I shared a Bourbon Carmel Latte. As a musician, I find that to be extremely important and I am grateful for the opportunity to perform at an event that focuses on that!


Everything about this event was supporting local artists. I provided the local entertainment, but all the artists were from Wisconsin and working to pursue a passion. I found that element of the event to be very thrilling and enjoyed getting to know different artists or seeing some of my favorite vendors at this event!

Click here to learn more about Art in the Barn for the 2024 event! Wondering when to see me next? Check out my show schedule! Let's connect!


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