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  • Catelyn Huckstep

Date Ideas that are not Dinner and a Movie

Tired of the same old date night ideas? Devon and I plan out to have one date night a month and sometimes we’ve gotta get creative! Here is a list of ideas we tried and enjoyed:

  1. Go to the grocery store and pack a picnic to eat at a local park

  2. Get dinner but order each others meals

  3. If you have a bunch of random gift cards, pick one to use for the night!

  4. Mini Golf!

  5. Get something to build together at The Lego Store

  6. Have a night of no phones and play board games

  7. Play Disc Golf 

  8. Check out a farmers’ market not in your area

  9. Go thrift shopping

  10.  Attend a Brewery/Distillery Tour

What are some of your favorite date ideas? Share in the comments! Don’t forget to connect on Instagram so you can see our date night fun!


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