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How to Create a Solid Tip Jar

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In many different professions, there is the tip jar or the typical asking for tips. Sometimes it comes off as awkward, sometimes they come off as comical and sometimes they share a message. Throughout my years as a solo acoustic musician, I have tried out many different tip jars decorations. Here are a few tips I have for making a solid tip jar.

Be Clear

When it comes to a tip jar, just be clear about it. I'm not saying beg people for money, but don't hide the tip jar away. If you are doing a good job, audience members want to acknowledge that. Most of the time it is by tipping you. Be clear having the tip jar out and sometimes mention it in your shows. There is a fine line, but it doesn't hurt to mention and be clear about your tip jar once every half hour.

Another way to be clear that you have a tip jar is to have merch and business cards by your tip jar or even having your guitar case open. I believe that there are subtle ways to illustrate that those tips are your income and your audience members will support that.

Share Your Story

Adding a few words about what your tips are going towards goes a long way! Throughout my college years the tip jar said "College Fund." When I was engaged, the tip jar said "Wedding Fund" and now it currently says "New Home Fund." People like to know where their money is going so sharing a little bit of your life and what your tips will be contributing to makes conversation with your audience member right away. Your audience members want to know the real you too and they want to support you!

Add Your Personality

When I make a tip jar label, I use a notecard, colored pencils, Midliner Pens and sharpies to decorate it! I use my favorite colors like purple to add a bit of my personality to my tip jar. Yes, I love the color purple, but it makes it come off as you and not just like an ask for money. For my current tip jar, I drew a house on it for the "New Home Fund" to have audience member visualize that your tip is going toward my future home! All these little details are important and help build your relationships with your audience members!

Check out my tip jar at my next show! My show schedule is linked here! Let's connect!


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