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It’s Flu and Allergy Season… Take Care of Your Voice

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It’s that time of year! Everyone is sneezing, coughing, blowing their nose and just constantly feel a little under the weather. This season is the least favorite for everyone but really for a vocalist because when I catch a cold or have allergies, my voice just doesn’t feel the same. There is no need to panic if you start to lose your voice! Here are a few things I use to keep myself healthy and soothe my voice when allergy or flu season begins.


Yes, this is the first and the best way to keep your voice healthy. Spend as little time talking as you can. I know this seems impossible because I literally talk all the time, but sometimes you just have to do it. Every time you use your voice you are using those muscles and they need their rest. Don’t push and give them a little break. Every singer goes through this and resting your voice is the best way to keep everything healthy. Take some time to watch one of your favorite movies and just relax. That is important too!


As a vocalist, I don’t drink coffee. In order to get a little caffeine in the morning I drink green or black tea. Coffee dries your voice out and it is not healthy for us singers. If you are not feeling well, end your day with some Throat Coat Tea. I use this during those times I am using my voice a lot or just don’t feel well. It also has a sweeter taste than regular tea for those who are not huge tea drinkers! Seriously, just drink a cup of this before going to bed! It will work wonders! And of course if you really don’t like tea: warm water with tea and a splash of lemon juice is a great alternative!


Steam also soothes and relaxes your muscles which is what you need when you are losing your voice. I have a Vicks Steamer Inhaler that I will prop up and use when I am doing work or watching something to help soothe my sinuses and throat muscles. It is honestly relaxing and I am so glad I have it for the weekend when I have long strings of shows when I have three shows in a weekend.

If you don’t have a steamer, a great alternative is to take a nice warm shower and let that steam soothe all your muscles!

Cough Drops

I have been called a cough drop snob because I am so picky about what cough drops I use! I recommend the natural Ricola Original Herb Cough Drops because they do not have the numbing chemicals like menthol in them. Those chemicals are actually not good for your voice. They may feel great at first but cough drops with menthol actually have a drying effect on your voice which is the exact opposite of what you want! I learned that from my voice teacher in high school and now I always read the labels on my cough drops before I buy them! I hope after reading this, you do too!

I hope you all survive allergy and flu season! Keep singing and if you have any tips for us singers to use during this time of the year that I may have missed, drop them in the comments! Let's connect on Facebook!


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