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  • Catelyn Huckstep

June 19th Riverside Rhythms in Waukesha Recap

June 19th, 2024 I had the performance opportunity at Riverside Rhythms in Downtown Waukesha. Every Wednesday in the summer, except the week of 4th of July, there is live music and food trucks. The music and food truck options. During my performance, Mama D’s Coffee was the selected vendor. It was the perfect setup since I love performing at Mama D’s Coffee. Along with that, I will be performing my Musical Food Drive at Mama D’s Coffee in Wales on August 31st.

During the performance, I invited my friend Ken Williams to join me and create a duo gig which made it a fun experience. I started the gig for the first 30 minutes, Ken played the next 30 minutes and we ended with some duo songs together for the last 30 minutes. Both of us play a wide variety of country music which makes a fun experience for those watching! While performing, we are right along the river which creates a beautiful view! 

During Ken’s set, it was a hot and humid day. So I went over to the Mama D’s and got us both a lemonade. It was the perfect refreshing drink to serve during the show and everyone working the Mama D’s truck was so friendly and great to chat with! 

Overall, when you have a Wednesday morning off, check out Riverside Rhythms in Downtown Waukesha. I love playing shows in my hometown and it was great to be back! Check out my show schedule here to see all the fun events I’m performing throughout the Midwest.


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