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May 2023 Des Moines, Iowa Mini Tour Recap

Hey y’all! During the first weekend of May, I had another mini tour in Des Moines, Iowa. This tour was different from the last with new highlights and gig spots! Read the recap below.


When traveling that far of a distance, I give myself a full day to travel. Thursday was the traveling day into Des Moines. There were two stops along the way which included: Dubuque and Cedar Rapids.

First, my roadie, Lila and I walked around Dubuque Iowa and I stopped back in the same part of town as my 7 Hills Brewing Company gig. The town was cute and full of little shops to explore. It was also great to see the Catelyn Picco sticker still hanging out in this town!

Second, we took a pit stop in Cedar Rapids. This time we stopped in Little Bohemia. One of my favorite stops was the Marketplace. It was like an indoor farmers market with a bunch of local vendors that will switch in and out. It was the perfect spot to stop on a long road trip.


Friday was our first official day in Des Moines. After getting ready for the day, it was lunchtime. Since the weather was fantastic that weekend, we stopped at Zora Rooftop for lunch and enjoyed the view of the city. If you are looking for a cute girls lunch in Des Moines, I definitely recommend it. I enjoyed a personal pizza and a NA Pina Colada on a Friday afternoon.

Next, Lila and I love to take photos and she brought up the idea of trying out the Selfie Wrld in the Valley West Mall. It was an amazing idea! We took so many different photos and the place was full of different backdrops. I have a lot of fun and new content to share with all of you because of how much fun we had taking photos!

Finally, Friday closed out with my show at Paws and Pints. This venue was full of dogs! I can add performing at a dog park on my resume! The environment Paws and Pints was truly welcoming and I had a great time performing for dogs and their owners. Plus, they had some great Cinco de Mayo deals like $2 margaritas and tacos!


The last stop of the trip was in the morning at Cozy Café in Johnston, Iowa. This venue requested for a 2 hour full original music show which is something I do not do too often. I loved having the opportunity to perform original music. When Lila and I pulled up to the venue, it was a cute dinner and the parking lot was packed. The atmosphere was welcoming and excited to hear live music. I also want to add that the pie was delicious too! I got a butterscotch slice for Devon and lemon meringue for myself. Definitely worth getting a slice if you stop by Cozy Café.

What are some spots in Des Moines you love? Share in the comments or connect with me on Instagram to see more content! Let’s connect!


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