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Mini Tour Recap: Stop #2 Des Moines, IA

Over my spring break mini tour, I had the opportunity to sing at Middlebrook Mercantile in Des Moines Iowa. In addition to that, I was able to take some time to explore the city and create some memories before I took the stage. Below is a recap of how that trip went and maybe spark some ideas for your next trip!

After a long day of travel, it was time to eat and dinner was quite a delicious surprise! Fong’s Pizza located in Downtown Des Moines was absolutely amazing. When walking into the Chinese restaurant themed location, it was intriguing to try the food that would be served. The bar was across the front wall with booths on the other side and back room for larger groups wanting to try their Chinese food pizza. When seated, the menu was clear that no matter what we ate, it was going to be an adventure. Even though we did not order a drink, they looked delicious and all were served in specialty order cups, check out on your website for yourself. Finally, after mass debate, the server helped create the decision of the Ramen Pizza. Yes, ramen noodles on pizza. It was amazing and something I wish I could travel back for, it is clear that Fong’s Pizza deserved their recognition from the Food Network and various other awards. To close out the night, I was so glad that the bartender was willing to place a Catelyn Picco sticker on the back wall of the bar. If you stop by and see it, post it on your Instagram Story and tag me please!

The following day was a day of sightseeing. There was no agenda but to explore Downtown Des Moines a little more after receiving a small taste the night before. Some of the highlights were the riverwalk, sneaking into the World Food Prize Foundation and some last minute grocery shopping at the most extensive Hy-Vee I have ever shopped at. I have learned that it is not unusual to have a Walburgers connected to a Hy-Vee in Des Moines, but I found it to be crazy! The grocery store was massive and full of different little restaurants to eat at during the day like a sushi bar or pizza place. It would make the perfect stop for a lunch break!

In the evening, I had my show at Middlebrook Mercantile. I learned that this was a newer establishment and I was excited to check it out! When you first walk in, there is a large seating area full of tables, then you turn the corner to a beautiful bar that is placed in the back with their logo on the back. The bartenders were friendly and ready for a good time! We cannot forget about the gorgeous views from Middlebrook Mercantile. Just looking out the window made you smile. Overall, a very successful show full of amazing people ready to support live music!

Have you traveled to Des Moines, IA? Share your experience with me on my Instagram! Let’s connect!


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