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Mini Tour Recap: Stop #3 Dubuque, IA

My final stop on my Mini Iowa Tour was Dubuque, Iowa. I performed at 7 Hills Brewing Company on a Saturday evening. To be completely honest, I did not have much time to explore the whole city from traveling and working, but I will share with you my experience performing at 7 Hills Brewing Company.

The venue was huge and packed with people when I walked in. There is a bar looped along the back wall and tables filled throughout the brewery. As you continue your way in, there is a large stage with full lights and sound PA ready for live music. As an acoustic act, I knew I had to bring the energy.

The crowd was engaging and the servers were excited to see live music. It really created a positive and fun energy towards the entire night. In addition to that, the brewing company has an awesome selection of non-alcoholic cocktails. I tried the Orange Creamsicle and The Lemon Blueberry Splash. Both drinks were delicious and I was appreciative of the non-alcoholic option at the brewery. I also did have the option to take home some of their bottled drinks. Devon, my fiancé, loves IPA’s so I got him a six pack of each of their IPA’s: 7-Headed Monster, Scooba Shoes, and Skip Nitro.

Overall, the big thing I will remember about Dubuque is their amazing nightlife. I really enjoyed meeting and talking with a new group of people who were ready to have a great Saturday night. If you ever have to stop in Dubuque, I definitely recommend stopping by 7 Hills Brewing Company and trying out their food and drinks!

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