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The Importance of Summer Music Lessons

The school year is over! It’s time for summer break and to no longer worry about homework! Then camps begin, there are fun summer vacations planned, and even more activities to make yourself busy throughout the three month break from school! Even though it can be a crazy time of year, it is important to not take a break from your instrument and keep lessons going, even if they are brief! Here are some valuable points of the importance of music lessons during the summer!

There is less reteaching in the fall

It is clear that the three month summer break causes students to not remember everything they have learned from the past year. That first month of school is even a review of past materials because of summer break! I recommend summer lessons so that your student can keep progressing and maintaining skills, even if I do not see you as often, it is still beneficial. 

Your student keeps learning

Even though it is not a full school day, that half hour lesson is full of learning. In addition to that, students are being creative while learning something they enjoy! Overall, students are still learning something new over the summer even though school is out! I find that to be extremely valuable as their music teacher!

Your student keeps lesson and practice in routine 

When a student takes a break, the routine of lessons and practicing starts to disappear! As a teacher, that makes me nervous because it goes back to my reteaching reason. I find that students will need to play catch up on their own practice routine as well! Once you get out of a routine, it can be challenging to get back into it which causes students to struggle in the beginning of the school year. If they have lessons, even if it is not regular weekly lessons in the summer, they still practice because they have assignments to focus on. 

It is fun!

Your student has chosen to take lessons so it is probably something they enjoy! So why not continue for the summer? Lessons are something that students chose to take and have an interest in! Keep the learning going! Also, throughout the summer, I have lots of fun performance opportunities for my students that they do not want to miss! 

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