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Visions for June 2023

We have made it through the first few days of June! There is so much happening this summer with gigs, our wedding and school that I believe when you are living the busy lifestyle, it is important to lay out your schedule and goals! I really enjoy writing lists or having a visual in order to make this happen!

In the morning, I will listen to podcasts while getting ready. One of the podcasts I listen to is Happier with Gretchen Rubin. I recently listened to the episode where they list 18 things they want to do in 2018 (yes I am behind!) and I decided to list 6 things I want to do in the month of June. If you are interested in listening to that episode of the podcast, it is linked here.

  1. Work on homework for one hour a day!

  2. Clean for one hour everyday!

  3. Write more than 5 blog posts this month.

  4. Write 2 new original songs

  5. Learn 2 new cover songs

  6. Practice Piano 3 times a week

What are your goals and visions for June 2023? Share with me in the comments! Follow me on Instagram to see all my June adventures!


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