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Weekend Recap: Milwaukee Admirals and Scotty McCreery Post Concert

Hey y’all! I had no shows this weekend, so... I went and saw live music! Oh, and watched some hockey too! Saturday evening was full of country music fans and hockey fans braving the Wisconsin snow to cheer on the Milwaukee Admirals and to see the Scotty McCreery post game concert located at the UWM Panther Arena. Below is a recap of the game and the concert!


It was a Saturday night. The game was full of energy! The Milwaukee Admirals were taking on the Grand Rapids Griffins Saturday night. It was Nashville Night! Gnash and Roscoe even made appearances throughout the game getting the crowd hyped up. The second we walked in, we were given vouchers for free t-shirts! In the first period, the Admirals scored three goals creating an excited crowd! As a person who loves to watch hockey, the best part is the fights! Throughout this game there was only one, but it was definitely fun to watch! At the end of the game, the score was 4-2 with an Admirals win.

Scotty McCreery

When the lights went out, the crowd cheered and McCreery came out singing his hit single “In Between” from 2018. McCreery announced that he would be performing a variety of newer tunes and older tunes. The majority of the show was songs off of his most recent album “Same Truck” that was released in September of 2021. Some titles performed from that album were “Small Town Story,” “It Matters To Her,” “On It” and much more. McCreery covered many decades of music from his newest single “Damn Straight” to covers like “Be My Baby Tonight” by John Michael Montgomery. Regardless, McCreery had the crowd dancing and swaying all night long.

McCreery was full of passion when it came to sharing his stories. He shared milestones of his life with the crowd. Examples include: his American Idol Audition in Milwaukee, meeting his wife in kindergarten and the birth of his son. While singing each piece, his dynamics clearly demonstrated that his written stories were important aspects of his life and he loved sharing them with the crowd. One example of this was his song “Five More Minutes” released in 2018. Fans brought out their flashlights and McCreery sang with passion, especially at the third verse when all the lights went out. The only light in the room was the crowd's cell phone flashlights. McCreery made a powerful moment at a strong point of his song.

To close out the night, McCreery sang “You Time” and brought the energy. Fans were dancing and smiling as they exited the concert and walked into the snowy Wisconsin cold. Overall, McCreery had a strong performance as a songwriter, entertainer and musician. He knows how to talk to a crowd like they are the only one in the room. In addition to that, he puts on a musical performance that has everyone dancing and swaying to his stories.

What is your most recent concert? I would love for you to share with me in the comments or on Instagram!


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