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  • Catelyn Huckstep

What to Say in the Microphone

You just completed a song, everyone applauds and you say thank you! Now what? Do you just start the next song? Do you say something? Feeling unsure of what to do or say during a show! Here are a few ideas I like to incorporate into my sets!

Introduce Yourself!

When I am on stage, I pay attention to the crowd. If I notice that there are some new faces. I will introduce myself and probably add my website and social media! If you notice the crowd is listening and chatting along, feel free to share something else like a fun fact: favorite color usually works! 

Share the Next Song

You don’t have to do this with every song, but when I play a B side, I like to talk about it. I will usually say the song title and artist especially if they are familiar. One song that I do this for specifically in my set is “Color” by Carly Pearce. I love performing this one and most don’t know it so I will give it a little intro! 

Talk about your merch

When there’s a break at the end of a song, I like to talk about what I’ve got at the merch table. I talk about the free stuff first like business cards, wristbands and stickers. Then I go into other stuff like t-shirts. It’s important to share this stuff so if someone wants to rep your music, they can! 

Miss any other great ideas of what to say during your set? I know it can be scary to just start talking in the mic, but honestly, audience members love it! They want to get to know YOU! It is so important to just be yourself on stage, people will love it! Check out my skills in action at a show by checking out my show schedule and giving me a follow on Instagram!


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