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What You Need For Your First Guitar Lesson

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Hey y’all! So you are interested in taking guitar lessons! I am grateful that you have considered me to teach your guitar! In this blog post, I am going to share with you a few little tips to have an awesome first lesson! Don’t forget that your first lesson with me is free, it’s like a trial lesson!


First and foremost, it is important to come prepared, even for your first/trial lesson. Some of the materials you will need are:

Guitar -- You need something to practice on! I recommend a guitar with steel strings and one that fits your size. The best way to find the guitar that is right for you is to test them out at your local music store. Don’t forget to have a guitar case for all your musician travels!

Book -- I start off each beginner guitarist with the Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1. It gives a great intro to playing notes and then transitioning students into guitar chords. We will also have time to do student interest pieces in lesson, but the technique and basics are portrayed well in this book.

Guitar Tuner -- We start off each lesson tuning our guitar. It is important to create this habit right away so at performance opportunities, you are all tuned up and ready to perform! I recommend the Snark Tuner, I have used these since I first started playing guitar at 12 years old and I love them!

Notebook -- So much happens during a week! I recommend bringing a notebook to lesson every week including the very first lesson so that I can write lesson notes in it. That way your practice time is much easier and I will have a refresher for the following week.

Come Prepared

In our first lesson, I want to share with me what you want to learn! I appreciate students who come to lessons ready to share their musician goals and interests. As your teacher, having this information causes me to create a lesson that is best suited for you and your goals! If you are unsure about what you want to learn that is 100% okay! Come to lesson with some of your interests and reasons why you want to learn guitar. I will be ready to guide you through learning guitar and enjoying a new skill.

Build a Relationship

While taking my Master’s Degree courses, I know that it is crucial to build a strong relationship as teacher and student. I want you to be as successful as you can be. I am an honest teacher who wants the best for you. That relationship is built on honesty so I expect students to be honest with their goals. Due to this understanding right away, I can do my job well and you can get the most out of your lesson!

Have Fun!

Music is fun! It is a stress reliever and learning a new skill is exciting! I can’t wait to teach you guitar and grant you opportunities to grow as a musician! It is important to learn what you want to learn which is why a portion of my lesson focuses on student interest and then we add technique to it! I want you to enjoy lessons and enjoy learning something new!

Ready to take your first guitar lesson? Contact me now to start your first free trial lesson!


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