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  • Catelyn Huckstep

Your Gift Guide for Father’s Day (Music Edition)

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Father’s Day is just around the corner and you still need to figure out a great gift! Looking for Father’s Day presents can be challenging so this is why I came up with a little gift guide of some great music related gifts. These gifts range from funny, to heartwarming, to practical and just fun in general. I know any musician dad would love these to receive these gifts on Father’s Day!

Does your guitarist dad have a lot of old gift cards or credit cards to get rid of? Get the pick puncher so he can make guitar picks out of all the old plastic gift cards. I have one of these and it is honestly one of my favorite things to do and I have a bunch of cool designed guitar picks of some of my favorite places! This gift is practical and great for any dad who loves to play guitar. If you want to add even more to the gift, give him some gift cards of his favorite places to use and then punch! 

Have a song that is considered sentimental to your family? Get a small plaque of it to put on display! I gave Devon this as his first birthday gift and he loved it! I picked a song and photo that was meaningful and you could do the same! It illustrates something so special for the family! It is such a great way to remember a song that is an important part of your lives. 

If you’ve got a guitar dad, give him a guitar pick that he won’t lose in his pocket or that you will find in the washing machine! These engraved guitar picks are so cute and a perfect Father’s Day gift for any dad that loves to play guitar! The play on words is always so cute!

Looking for a good two in one gift! This guitar grilling set is great! It will make you laugh, but is also practical! Let your dad rock out while he is out grilling for all the summer barbecues! This is definitely a Father’s Day gift that will make everyone smile for many summers! 

A Lego set is always a fun family activity so why not try to make it a Father’s Day gift? For any dad that loves music and loves to build, this is a great gift! It also gives you the opportunity to do something together as a family and show it off in your house! We love to build with Legos in our free time so why not give it as a gift? 

What are you giving your rockstar dad for Father’s Day? Let me know in the comments! Don't forget to follow all my musician adventures on Facebook and Instagram!


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