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  • Catelyn Huckstep

Your Guide to Family Friendly Summer Events in Wisconsin

It’s the time of year where the weather is nice out, school is ending and you are looking for some fun events to spend time with your friends and family! As a musician in the Wisconsin area, I perform at a variety of different events and venues that are the perfect spot to check out! Read below some of the fun events you can take your family to over the summer. Another note, all these events happen weekly unless the weather cancels it!

Every Thursday night the Mapleton Barn wedding venue hosts a Pizza Farm at their establishment. An important note about this event right away is that you have to make a reservation because it is popular and there is limited supplies! Families bring chairs, order pizza from Flour Girl and Flame and get drinks from the bar at this event. In addition to that, there is live music every week for attendees to enjoy! The Pizza Farm is truly a great spot to have kids run around, play frisbee, eat pizza and just enjoy the evening. Don’t forget to make that reservation for this summer! 

Also every Thursday, Nixon Park hosts the Lake Country Beer Garden. Every week there is live music. One thing that is great about the Lake Country Beer Garden is the variety of music every week. One week could be a soloist the next a full band. Devon and I have performed at this event as a duo act for a few years! You never know what to expect and a big variety is always important! Many families pack chairs and a meal in order to enjoy this weekly event while listening to live music. There is a stand for beer (of course!) and some food options. No reservations needed, just come and enjoy the live music! 

Live music is always happening in Waukesha! Every Friday night, the streets of Downtown Waukesha are closed off and each corner has a stage with live music! Attendees are allowed to walk the streets, grab food, dance and listen to live music throughout the evening. I have been performing at Friday Night Live for about 9 years and honestly, it never disappoints! It is a great spot to have an early dinner and then walk the streets listening to live music. There is a different lineup every week from every stage which makes it even more exciting to attend because there is a huge variety of music all summer long! 

What are some of your favorite events in Wisconsin? Follow me on Instagram to see all the fun events I perform at during the summer! Let’s connect!


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