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  • Catelyn Huckstep

Local Waters in Watertown Wisconsin Show Recap

This past Friday I had a gig in Watertown, Wisconsin at Local Waters. This is a country bar I have performed at in the past and really enjoyed the environment. If you are looking for a fun time, Local Waters is the place for you!

The Space

It is your classic country bar with a jukebox, slot machines and wide selections of Ole Smoky Moonshine flavors and people looking to have a good time. The thing that makes this space shine is the stage. The musician has their own spot and the backdrop is an American Flag made out of different red white and blue beer cans. I always try to get a photo of it when I am performing there!

The Live Music

Local Waters has live music every weekend and they have a great variety of artists performing. They work hard to support live music. If you even look at the wall behind the bar, they have stickers of artists all over the wall! You may even see an old Catelyn Picco sticker back there and not a Catelyn Huckstep sticker yet!

The People

When I perform at Local Waters, I am not just singing and playing guitar, I am a part of the community! One aspect that makes this show so much fun is the people! I have conversations, people shouting out requests, singing along and cheering all night long. The crowd wants to get to know their musician as a person and not have a human jukebox all night! I always remember performing at Local Waters and leave with a smile!

Wondering where I am playing next? Check out my show schedule here and follow me on Instagram! Let’s connect!


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