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  • Catelyn Huckstep

What Musicians do on a Weekend Break of Shows

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It’s the weekend and it’s a weekend off from shows! In the Midwest, this can happen often with the weather being cold. Sometimes, you know that going out in the middle of a snowstorm to play a show is just not worth it. So what do musicians do on their weekend off of shows? Here are a few activities I like to do!

Record and Write

Not a show, well that means I can focus on some of my original music and record it! It is always important to work on your craft and improve on these skills too! Not only am I a performer, but I am a songwriter and on those weekends off I like to use that time to work on it! Listen to some of my original music on Spotify now!

In addition to that, I will also use this time to write new original music! There are many different strategies for writing songs. I usually keep ideas in my phone and then write the whole song in a cute notebook! Don't forget to write in pencil so if you change your mind you can erase it and add to your ideas!


My setlist has to grow and taking the time to practice is important. When I have no shows on a weekend, I will learn a new song or two. If you are interested in what I know how to play. Check out my setlist here! 

See Live Music

If I am not playing a show, then there must be someone who is! If I have a Saturday night off, it’s important to go out and support the local music community! I love to go out and see what my fellow musicians are up to! It makes them smile to see me and I am happy to have the chance to see them do what they love!

Support My Students

Some weekends the entertainer hat comes off and the music teacher hat comes on! In my studio, I have students performing in concerts, school plays, competitions and so much more. I want to be there for them during these exciting time and as their teacher, I am proud of all their hard work. When it comes time for the final product, I want to see what they have been working so hard on! As a teacher, I believe it is important to create opportunities for your students and show up for the ones they have created for themselves.


Even though we are human and always have a never ending to do list. It is important to take a break! As I teach during the week and then usually have shows on the weekend, it is great to have an off weekend to recharge, watch a movie and curl up in your favorite blanket. I have just started using a weighted blanket a few months ago and I love it! As a vocalist, I know it is important to rest those vocal chords!

What do you do in your free time? Feel free to follow me on Instagram to see what I’m up to during show weekends and off weekends!


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