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10 Date Night Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

Hey y’all! It’s time to post some stuff that’s not about music! So, I thought it would be fun to do a blog post about some of our date night ideas! Devon and I schedule a monthly date night that has nothing to do with work, including seeing live music/networking with bands. It is a time for us to get creative and have fun together as a couple! Sometimes, that can get really tough when music is always on the brain! I am here to share with you a list of date night ideas that you definitely haven’t thought of and should try!

  1. Go to a restaurant and order each other’s meals and drinks. It's time to try something new!

  2. Order take out and eat a spontaneous picnic somewhere with a great view.

  3. Go to your local thrift store, pick out three items the other has to wear and then go out to dinner.

  4. Build a fort in the living room, grab your favorite snacks and drinks and watch a movie! I recommend doing this on a weekend so you can keep the fort up longer without it getting in the way during the work week!

  5. Have a full day with no phones or screens! Just spend time together!

  6. Get really dressed up and go out to dinner! To make it more fun, don't go somewhere super fancy to eat!

  7. Dice Date: Choose a number 1-50 (that’s how many turns you have) every time you come to a stop, you roll the di. At two way stops: even numbers are right and odd numbers are left. Then, at three way stops: 1 is left, 2 is right, 3 is straight, 4 is right, 5 is left and 6 is straight. Once you are out of turns, make a date out of your destination.

  8. Dollar Store Date: You each get $10 at the Dollar Store. Pick out some items until your reach $10 and then make a date out of the items you both chose.

  9. Pick out each other’s outfits from their closet and go out!

  10. Just go to a restaurant and only get dessert!

Have any other fun date ideas I missed and you want to share? Drop them in the comments! Let’s connect!


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